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Marin Camp 2011 Day 1

It snuck up on me, but Marin Camp started with the biggest group ever!  After breakfast, we distributed some goodies from Camp supporters before Jeb gave a fantastic presentation on mental skills training and goal setting.

A total of 16 riders left to ride today, including two coaches, two representatives from Strava and one nice fellow from Quarq Technology who will spend the week riding with us.  We had a nice spin out Panoramic where we did 5 minute power tests.  Afterwards, we climbed up to Rock Spring before descending Ridgecrest down the spine of Mt. Tamalpais to Fairfax-Bolinas Rd.  The latter was covered with debris and rock slides from the area's recent storms and we found the gate at the bottom had been closed.  Stephan had to drive the van all the way back around to Stinson Beach while we all hopped the barrier and continued.  We did our 1-minute power tests on the flat leading to town then kept a nice tempo all the way back to the Retreat. 

Once we were home we were treated to a fantastic lunch before massages and a yoga class.

Here are some photos:





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