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Marin Camp 2010 Day 1

What a beginning!  Under clear, warm skies, we departed for an excellent introduction to some of Marin's best riding.  After an excellent first day's discussion on goal setting and mental training, we did 5 min and 1 min tests while taking in the wonders of Mt Tam, the descent of Bolinas Rd., and the stunning coast.

It's fun (but, exhausting fun) so I am going to keep it short and simply say that the day was amazing.  Here are a couple of photos:



 Camp Day 1 033_sm

Camp Day 1 327_sm

For more coverage of the camp as it happens, head over to Jeb Stewart's blog.

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It's lovely back home but it sure looks nice in Marin! Looks like great fun! Wish I was there!
# Posted By The King | 3/24/10 12:19 PM