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Imminent Departure

In just over a day, I'll be heading to Guam and Saipan for some sunshine and the Hell of the Marianas.  It's been cold and grey here, making the last bit of solid training I needed to do more difficult and slightly more dangerous.  In the last two days, I've broken a pedal and a computer mount because of the cold!  Fortunately, my colleague Russell from Upper Echelon Fitness came to my rescue today and let me do my LT intervals indoors on his SuperTrainer.  It's often tough to get a quality workout in extremely cold conditions, so I am most grateful to RC!

Also, I'm fortunate to have a few fantastic sponsors.  Today I received a lovely surprise in the form of some sweet wheels from  Easton Cycling:



They're Easton's premier carbon clincher, and the perfect wheels for HOM.  They come ready to race, complete with brake pads and qr skewers.  Thank you, Jenn and Easton, for sorting these out!

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The orange tires are a nice touch to a hot looking set of wheels
# Posted By Jennifer Reither | 11/29/10 3:49 PM