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Fold your rain jacket like a pro!

Lately here in the Pacific Northwest we have been having what could be diplomatically described as a "reluctant spring." Not only has it been damp and showery, but it has been colder than normal as well. Hopefully, this all leads to a nice, sunny, hot summer. In the meantime, however, we are all packing our rain capes when we head out to ride.

We have all got them - clear plastic rain capes with a velcro "zipper" and some cloth ventilation down the sides. They are cheap, waterproof and keep you warm in a pinch. Of course, they don't breathe, leading one friend to refer to his as his "personal terrarium."

These capes can take up a load of space in your jersey pocket if you don't take the time to fold them properly. People have always asked my brother Roo (who has recently been pursuing a hip hop lifestyle) and I how we get our rain capes to fit so snugly into our jersey pockets. Now you can find out.

Here is what one often sees these days:

Notice how the jacket it falling out of a seemingly overstuffed pocket. That’s a definite sign of not having read this post. Here is what it should look like:

Now, here is how to do it! First, make sure it is cleaned and dried after its last use. Then, lay it out on the floor with the velcro closed and the front-side up, as such:


Then, fold each arm across the front:

Next, fold the sides over each other inwards towards the center. It should take two folds on each side to make it look like this:

Now, fold one side over the other…

Then fold this in half…

and half again…

And you are done! See:

Now you have a nice, organized and compact package that fits easily into your jersey pocket. All your friends will appreciate your style and when you got to get it out of your pocket mid-ride, it will easily unfold, ready for use!

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