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LittleBigRide raises over $60,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam

Today BBBS of Guam was presented with a check reflecting the excellent fundraising Joseph accomplished on his LittleBigRide last month.   The local paper covered it right here:

And I even got a mention, along the lines of my upcoming trip to HOM.

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the day that the Beacon Foundation matches any contributions you make to Big Brothers Big Sisters .  Make your donation right here:

Preparations for Guam and the Hell of the Marianas are going well.  Today, the Saipan Tribune published an article about the race.  Is Mr. Fast the one to beat?  We'll see!

The Hell of the Marianas

It is not often that I get an offer to race my bike in a warm, sunny place in December, but recently just such an offer came my way.  In a few weeks time, I will fly to Guam and Saipan for the 4th edition of the annual Hell of the Marianas race.  This is made possible by my athlete Joseph Husslein, whose fantastic fund-raising ride across America I wrote a bit about earlier:

By the way, there is still time to give and, this Friday, the Beacon Foundation will match any donations made to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam dollar-for-dollar, DOUBLING the value of your pledge.

The preparation for HOM has meant a bit of sacrifice.  This sacrifice has come in the form of

  1. Missing out on cyclocross
  2. Doing long, tough intervals in November in the rain
  3. Not indulging in my usual feast of autumn sweet treats
  4. Going to bed early, and...
  5. Not going Salsa dancing every weekend

Okay, the last one is not such a big sacrifice.  However, while my friends are hanging around doing coffee rides, I'm training.  I'm not complaining, though.  It's an excellent race in a beautiful place and the field improves each year.  I'll post updates here whenever I get near a computer.


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